Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 2+3 in Alanya, Turkey! Picture heavy

Since there are men sitting around everywhere and one of them trying to get my attention every 20 meters or so, I don't quite enjoy being here from the start, but I packed enough food for a day and took a bus up to the castle. Since it was so cheap I bought the entrance to "the castle" which just allowed me to walk around a small area of some ruins... but the view was very cool!

When I looked at pictures and maps of Alanya before I got here to try to get some sort of plan for my trip, I thought this half-island was flat and mostly empty, nope, it's super steep everywhere and it only looked empty on google maps since there are so many trees covering everything.
I found that I could walk along the wall, and when I got out of the pay area I could continue down the mountain along it! :D Exactly what I had hoped for.

I walked along the wall for about an hour, I liked it there so much that I think I'll go there again. There was no one else there except for some chickens and butterflies :). I thought I might get lonely while here, but the constant "hey lady" "hello how are you"'s are taking enough of my social energy even when I'm doing nothing but my best to ignore them..
I walked and walked until I suddenly reached a house that looked private and ended my path along the wall.
I jumped down right before the fence and I think I walked trough a small graveyard. I don't think there are a lot of people how go here, but there was a plank against the wall between the graves and the road and I waited until there was no one by the road just in case this was a private yard. 
And then I walked along the road for about another hour, 35 degrees in constants sun, but I found a little shadow over a rock with a view so I sat there and had lunch.
I was walking towards that wall you can see in the above picture, but it turned out to be too steep and dangerous to walk on, but I found a road that went trough the houses and this was so nice! I think it's just the tourist culture that made me dislike being here at first.
I found a staircase short-cut and there was fruit and olive trees everywhere! There weren't many people going here so I sat down and read for a while.
This is a almond tree with a vine-plant climbing on it:
I came down to the "Red tower" which I had read had a museum  in it, so I again paid a fee and the museum was only three miniature boats? But the building was pretty cool, and from there I found a new beach. While being there there was three very loud bangs, they were canon shots from the top of the mountain and I'm guessing they were for celebrating the start of Ramadan.
It took a couple of more hours before I found my way back to the hotel, the whole thing took 8 hours and I am looking forward to doing it again. :)

Day 3:
I very unexpectedly got my period and I tried to go out and buy some stuff for it but all the pharmacies I found had around 5 men sitting in them and starring at me if I even looked at the store so it felt to bothered buy anything and spent the day in bed instead. I started a math summer course and finished a 1/3 of it already :) And I also studied some for my drivers license and had energy to write on my blog! 
 That's a cat in the middle of the photo

Long time no post, but now I'm in Turkey!

Without much thought or reason I bought a ticket to Alanya a week ago, and today is my third day here. The most significant reason I haven't traveled for so long is not that I have a kid now, it's that when I tried to get help for my constant and excessive tiredness all the doctors insisted that it was normal when having a baby or that I was depressed, no matter how much I insisted that that wasn't the case! Two months ago I finally met a forth doctor who took a simple blood test and confirmed that I had a vitamin deficiency, a week later I'm back to feeling normal!! :D

So I started my summer vacation a week ago and this means I can do what ever I want for about 3 months, I want to spend a lot of this time with Miir but Robin didn't want to come so I went here by myself since I had no idea what it would be like. Turns out this place is a lot like the other tourist cities I've been to. This is the first time I've bought a hotel room when traveling by my self, again since I had no idea what to expect, and also because it was so cheap. I paid 1200kr (~150$) for the flight and a week of a one room apartment in the middle of the city.
Right when I bought the flight I put up a official trip on couch-surfing saying that I was up for meeting and sharing a meal maybe, I also looked at people in Alanya to write to, there was a total of ~1000 people on CS that lives here, I filtered for women and then there were 5! And only one that had been online in the last year, so I wrote to her and we are planing on meeting tomorrow. Without writing to anyone else I got 10 messages per day from people who had seen my official trip so I took it down on day 3, most messages where pretty empty and from people with uncompleted profiles, but one was seemed fun and had some common interests so we planned to meet, but he kept on writing and asking stuff so much that I stopped feeling comfortable about meeting... I know some people just want to be friendly but there is no way for me to know the difference between someone just being friendly and someone with a hidden agenda :/

Anyways, I arrive! I go out and eat some and go to the beach and swim for an hour before I just go home and go to bed, it was a very early flight and long car and bus trips.. On my way back from the beach a woman came up to me and wanted to record me saying happy birthday to her friend, I did it because why not, but it felt weird.
I didn't take any pictures so here is one from the next day:

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

30 December

Yesterday I finished the last exam of my Chinese course!
And since then I have written on my bachelors thesis and have now written a bit more than half of it! :)

I found out a couple of weeks ago that Gothenburg will be starting a masters-programme in logic next fall, so (at the cost of putting off studying math for the 6th semester in a row) I will try to finish my first bachelors degree during next semester so that I can be one of the first people to take that program and have a slightly better chance at getting a accepted to a phd. program.
All the courses seem interesting, not as interesting as the Amsterdam logic-program, but still good enough to take since I will only have to commute half the way compared to having to go back and forth between Uppsala and Amsterdam (not everyday obviously, but I guess me and Robin will have to take Miir every other week or something like that since Robin is going to stay in Uppsala), and this wont rule out taking a year in Amsterdam later ;)

Picture of Fyrisån from this summer

I'm also starting a plan to live on a boat for half a year in Indonesia sometime before Miir starts school, I already have a couple of friends who wants to join in on that and one of them has a boat-driving license so I wont have to be the only one who can drive it!
I'm not sure if I have time to take the license next semester since the studies and that Robin will end their parental leave so we are both going to be studying full time + parenting almost full time, but there is no rush on that.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

13 December

I practiced driving today and feel ready to start driving in traffic, and I'm probably going to buy the car I drove in today since my friend wants to sell it and really don't know what to look for in a car so might as well take this one super cheap and learn from it what I dislike and then get a good one for the summer travels! :)
My dad takes an (obligatory) drivers teacher lesson on Saturday, and after that I can drive anywhere in Sweden as long as he is in the car, so I will get to travel some during this winter break!! :D
We talked about going to the north right away, but it's already -15 degrees there so we'll see if we might just go straight down to Göteborg and Amsterdam instead.
I got an unexpected mail from the astronomy course I never finished during my first semester that gave me another shot at the exam in a couple of weeks so I've re-read half of the course literature already and am feeling more motivated to study physics again.

This is a screenshot of my studies spread-sheet, I change it a lot and pretty often but all the green things are courses I've finished or almost finished and all the numbers are very nice too look at :3

Monday, December 7, 2015


Now that Miir doesn't have stomach problems anymore everything is much much better, s/he can now walk and run aalmost by themselves, we have to help with balance but s/he often walks several steps without leaning on the help! :) I'm doing my final exams in the Chinese course next week (我已经知道汉语,没有告诉你!) so I will have the rest of the semester to finally write my bachelors thesis which I have changed subject to negative facts instead of being about Russell.

Since my dad has started to help with baby sitting I have also had more time to do things just for fun, and since almost none of my lolita clothes fit me still, I have started to make some bigger ones :)
Yesterday was the most productive evening yet since we also just now have bought a baby monitor so that we can close the bedroom door when Miir goes to bed for the night.
I used both my sewing machines for about 3 hours straight and here's what I made:
The last deatails on this dress

 Put in a zipper in the skirt and put bias tape on all the edges of the matching top
  Made this skirt, start to finish, I like it a lot and am wearing it right now :)
"Ironed" these 9 meters of ruffles (I don't have a ironing thing so I just press them flat with a ruler)
And sowed on this on its waist band

Some things I've made these last weeks:
Put in a zipper on this skirt but it broke right away -.-
 Started painting these shoes
 Sorted all my sowing stuff so I know more of what I have
 This painting that I want to make a bigger version of (this one is 20x30cm)
 Made a coat in to this jacket

I really want to travel but I feel I can't do it without a car with Miir and now when I had finally started to practice driving my teachers car broke down...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

4th november

This morning started like most these last months, but when I was going to give Miir their breakfast I started crying cause of how hard it is that everyday is so similar to the previous, and Miir always butting in every time I get any energy over.
Really looking forward to when my dad comes to Sweden in a couple of weeks so that he can babysit.
But I woke Robin up and they gave me a day almost completely free from Miir so I started with sitting in the park during sunrise and read a book about logical puzzles for an hour :).
I've had 4 hours of lectures also today, but the time between them I was home alone and sewed a bit and even practiced to play the violin! I tried showing Robin what I had learned to play when they got home but Miir started crying every time I used the D-string so I guess I shouldn't play it when they are home..
Rosita has said she can baby sit a bit and Robins friend is coming to visit for a couple of days and are going to help with Miir then as well and that is good but we waited a bit to long before getting more breaks :/
But anyways, apart from the things I've already mentioned I have also today finished a dress I started 3 years ago, done a lot of work on another dress, listened to lots of good and inspiring music and written half a song and a music video to it that I hope I can find time to make sometime :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week 41

I've done all of this weeks and next weeks assignments so I'll have more free time next week.
I'm going to meet with my essay supervisor to help deciding my subject more definite, and I went to an exam for a course I haven't done last week (critical thinking) and when I got the results back I also got written in to the course so since I was just a couple of points short of passing the exam I'm going to try to pass it on the re-exam and get some more-or-less free points :)

Yesterday I sang with UPFAK at Pub 19 as part of a try at a world record in largest musical festival that is taking place all over Sweden this week. Apparently we were invited to sing for Uppsala University even though they had rejected us from using their facilities a while ago for being to extreme???
And a movie that I'm in is having a national premiere pretty soon, "Himmel över flogsta", the movie maker recorded me Sanna, Lina and Gegge having a food fight and talking about dumpsterdiving (his script) and then a week after that I climbed up a tall tree that he was in and I talked a bit about my tattoo and apparently he put that in the movie.
He said that it would be clear that the movie wasn't about real people in the real flogsta but the bits I've seen of it isn't really making it that clear... He wrote to us and asked us to put up posters for the film for him and since we weren't paid for being actors and he is taking the profits of the film I feel it's just rude to ask us to do more free work. I probably wont see the movie since I thought his last one was boring, but it's fun to have that food fight recorded.
I found part of it on youtube: